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to carry out a massacre. anna kooiman live from our new york city news room with that part of the story. >> connecticut authorities saying there's no indication after motive at the moment and no note has been found of. it's been reported the last few years have been rocky for the alleged the shooter 20-year-old adam lanza and 2006 his older brother, 24-year-old ryan lanza left and went off to college and left adam at home with the the parents whose marriage was coming apart. a divorce in 2009. confusion over the shooter may have been because of adam carrying ryan's i.d. and he said it wasn't me, i was at work. computer and phone records are searched and fbi and hoboken police were investigating and running through the hallways. >> in the back of your head what could have possibly happened? there's hundreds and hundreds of things, and you know, you're just shook, you can't help it. you know, hug your own children you know, a little, a little more at night when you pick them up. it's an awful story. >> the fbi telling both brother and father are of cleared. and peter is remarried and the
reportedly been estranged for the last two years. anna kooiman joins us now. she is on the phone. she is on the way to hoboken, new jersey. police searching his home. what you can tell us today? >> good morning, heather. we are actually here on scene. it is very quiet now just after 10:00 last night we did watch as cops rolled up. police tape wrapped around that building. that is of course where the brother lives with two other people we're told. streets in the neighborhood were blocked off earlier yesterday. the fbi and hoboken police on scene. residents saying that a bomb squad was going through the hallways of their building. a federal source tells us yesterday ryan lanza rolled up police surrounding the building handcuffed and taken away. confusion over the identity of the actual shooter because adam was carrying ryan's i.d. all sorts of rumors flying there. were reports that someone was possibly dead inside, maybe even the father peter lanza. fbi source saying he is alive and was questioned yesterday. peter lanza and the boy's mother are divorced. peter we married we're told and
at. anna kooiman is here. and they said a couple of hours when it was breaking news on friday and now they're saying another week. >> reporter: fortunately, some have been able to go home and they're experiencing health-- take a look at that, residents in the surrounding areas of the crash site at last check, 80 people treated with symptoms associated with the flamable gas known as vinyl chloride and one tanker breached and did begin leaking that toxic chemicals. workers and businesses outside the evacuation zones are reporting health problems, too, feeling short of breath, dizzy and complaining of headaches and eye irritation, so far no serious injuries have been reported. >> my eyes have been burning and then today, working into tonight, all three of us, headaches, eyes are burning. >> and having some migraines. >> i never get sick ever and never had headaches and my eyes are just like strained. >> reporter: and they are outside of the evacuation zone. so the workers there at the businesses are also complaining that they haven't had a lot of business because of the issues of cours
water after super storm sandy. anna kooiman is live in hoboken. what are you figuring out about the scene and what it's like behind you there? >> bill, yes, we're piecing things together just as you are. the building behind us apparently, the apartment home of the brother of the shooter, 24-year-old ryan lanza, as well as two other people. the building is still roped off with police tape. we got on the scene about 4:30 this afternoon and we counted about ten f.b.i. agents and hoboken police here. they did begin wrapping things up shortly after. but earlier today, a very different scene. chaos and confusion, which may have been sparked by a bit of information we received from a reliable federal source that ryan lanza's i.d. ended up on adam lanza. that federal source also telling us that earlier this afternoon when ryan lanza pulled up to this apartment building with his girlfriend, he noticed police surrounding it. that's when he was cuffed and taken away apparently. he and his girlfriend both speaking with the f.b.i. and also cooperating with them. there had been reports that
is just one feature that organizers say will make this new year's eve one to remember. anna kooiman live from the fox news channel plaza in manhattan. >> hey there. happy new year! i don't know if you can see that or not. >> kelly: i can see it. >> we're practicing. we have napkins instead of confetti. but new york city is all decked out for the holidays. we have tourists on 6th avenue having great type, taking pictures of the oversized christmas ornaments and the santa claus christmas trees on our plaza here at 1211 avenue of the americas. now it's time for a new year and a new you. we got preparations completely underway. the times square alliance officials tested out the confetti that's going to be falling from the sky on monday night. they threw it out a window on to some unsuspecting people there in the street. more than a million revellers will be packing into times square to watch the ball drop monday night a. billion more will be watching from home. the 2013 sign is already situated on top of one times square. it's seven feet tall. after four decades of dick clark helping america
diminished after super storm randy but the gun industry getting a surprise sky rocketing sales. anna kooiman has that story. >> they are being reported across the country politics mere lawmakers have gun control laws. residents wanted to proi text themselves following super storm sandy. on black fy they are 159 calls for back grond checks. >> 139,000. small centers even have to stop taking calls frm they had to hurricane bucustomers away duri 1:00 on the busiest day of the we're. oo you have had return sandy onnot only do we correct niez it but they may be in it a position to say this is what i found. >> 33 percent of women last year reported owning a new bun which is a high. manufacturers are marketing more to women with pink bunguns and access -- assess res. some women aren't interested in owning the pink firearm or having their own at all. they simply want training for self defense especially if there are guns to the home. in the class i really enjoyed it. i have a couple of guns myself. >> dnra reports that over the past four or five years there has been an expo tension increase in women
of the year. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. >>> it's time now for your health news. >> anna kooiman has the week's top medical stories. >> when it comes to nutrition americans are falling short. a usda study scored the daily diet compared to national food recommendations. each group tested was scoring between 0 and 100 based on the amount of fruit, vegetables grains milk and meat each day. children scored 56 out of possible 100. seniors slightly healthier diets with a stocore of 65. doctors in two states now say the deadly meningitis outbreak from earlier this year may be back. months after the story faded away there are 23 reports of infections in the state of tennessee alone. the cause of the finkses not confi -- infections not confirmed yet. the outbreak killed 36 people and sickened hundreds more. it was thought to have been spread in syringes of bad back medication. it has since been recalled. how about a cold roller you can get them for 30 bucks. when combined with your body weight it act a massage to lose el muscles great item. wireless activity tracker. it it records how man
's where we find our own anna kooiman who is live in clarks summit. hi, anna. >> reporter: good afternoon to both of you and to everyone at home. it led up here in clarks summit, pennsylvania. aside from a few flurries blowing around from the wind. it is coming down in parts of new york state and across the new england states. new york's governor andrew cuomo, has opened up an emergency operations center and he also warned power companies to really be on their toes especially following all the criticism that happened for their slow response from superstorm sandy and getting power turned back on for those residents who were in the dark and the cold for a couple of weeks. our plans changed a little bit last night. we decided to spend the night in clarks summit because the road conditions deteriorated and we didn't want to go farther north. the borough president told me their snow totals were down last year and they were able to stockpile some of the salt from the roadways last year and that's what they're using for this storm. council president says they're happy this first snowstorm of the
for a lot of kids out there who are still living in shelters with their family. anna kooiman has the details. >> hello to you. although fema still has 36 disaster recovery centers set up in new york, 32 in new jersey, and eight in connecticut, many parents in the area are just at wit's end trying to make life normal for their kids as they live in shelters. that's what camp tlc is doing, together living with a challenge. they've just wrapped up their third week of camp sandy and they've had a lot of fun. it was carnival day. as parents are leaving with their children, they're allowed to stop by here, this distribution center and pick up nonperrishables and other necessities. earlier this morning, about 10:00 o'clock, a bus driver picked up about 30 kids and many of their parents as well from a shelter here in staten island and took them to gateway academy. kids from ages four to 16 share their stories, do sing alongs, arts and crafts, and burn off their energy. parents can either participate in camp activities or run errands, talk to insurance companies and find more permanent places for thei
bash. preparations underway right now in new york city to ring in the new year. anna kooiman now with a preview. >> hey there. times square alliance officials tested the confetti this will fall from the sky during monday night's big celebration. i'll preview the party and interview the late dick clark's wife after this break [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help y
reporter anna kooiman has been there today covering the many families who have been coming and going. you have seen there are many folks there for comfort and there for mass today. the church chose to evacuate. state police and newtown police searched the church. there was some type of threat but said they found nothing. the church is clear now. folks have been cleared to go back in and services there continue. police are not being specific about what type of threat there was. but, again, many of the family and friends of those grieving over the sandy hook elementary shooting have been taking part in services there this morning. we will keep you updated as we know more. the shooting in new town it, connecticut has the country grievihis morning on the sunday talk show we saw push for action to prevent mass murders from occurring. stay with us. we will tell what you lawmakers in washington are proposing, what they have had to say about the tragedy and how they hope to stop something similar from happening ever again. and, also -- i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer
fraud case. he will be sentenced next week. >>> it is now time for your fox health fix. anna kooiman is here for the roundup of the top medical stories. what you have tofor us? >> everybody knows smoking is bad for you, right? even light smoking can double the risk of sudden death for women. researchers from the researches health study found women who spoke one cigarette per day have a hire risk for deadly heart condition for women. however women who quit did reduce their risk significantly. can determining how long you live be as simple as sitting down? a study for journal of cardiovascular syndrome said it could. sitting without help considers their morality. if a person can get up with little or no help they are lick lie to live loppinger because they are more active. if a terne struggled or needed a hand they were more likely to die earlier. the study looked at 2,000 middle aged men and women over a 6 year period. finally you heard the warnings about bpa being dangerous for babies but it may now be harming your pet. >> foe found when dogs chewed on plastic toys it increased the b
. anna kooiman is in new york city with more details about dick clark and the celebration. >> we're out here on the plaza and hoping for better weather on monday night, kelly, everybody at home is going to be watching on monday night. and the preps are underway for the biggest new years eve party in the world here in the big apple. earlier today, officials with the times square alliance tested out the confetti, throwing it out of the window on unsuspecting people on the street. more than a million revellers watching the ball drop and the 2013 sign is situated on top of one times square, it's several feet tall. after decades of dick clark ringing in the new year, until be the first after his death. and we spoke with his wife, carrie clark. >> dick always thought of this as show biz and he did his job, the countdown and always was excited about it, always enthusiastic, like i said before, he didn't ever think, oh, no, it's just another new year's eve. every new year's eve was special. >> in fact and fox news channel is hosting an all american new year's eve monday night from 11 to 12:30.
, that's a recipe for disaster in this already sluggish economy. anna kooiman joins us with more. many small businesses owners say they're kind of operating on the defensive right now. >> it's tough to plan. they're making decisions based on business coming in and the risk of losing it all. arthur cooper is concerned that the change in tax rates will hurt his ability to hire so he doesn't want to expand. >> when you don't know what the rules are, all right? and that's-- it's hard to be aggressive and it's hard to-- it's hard to be really resolute and you know, in your business planning. >> and barbara says she and her husband own an architecture firm and are worried if congress agrees to raise taxes on people in their income bracket, the company will suffer as they try to make up the the difference in salary increases. >> i don't want to lay anyone off there are 12 people who work here and they all have children and you feel a little bit responsible for them. i know i'm not supposed to do that, but i can't separate myself from the rest of them and their lives. >> and economists say bus
to anna kooiman live in scranton, pennsylvania where folks are trying to dig out from more than a foot of snow. but first, bad weather making be delaying lawmakers plans to get back to the negotiating table in washington, d.c. good morning, i'm gregg jarrett in "america's newsroom.". patti ann: freight to be with you again, gregg. i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. there is little to no progress reported in making a deal to avert across the board tax hikes for 90% of american households. president obama on his way back to washington right now but not all the lawmakers are there and if congress and the president do not reach a compromise before january 1st many analysts say the economy will slide back into a recession. gregg: mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike, any indication of the president's next move? >> reporter: well, gregg, last time we heard the president talk about the this matter he said he was calling on congressional leaders to essentially make sure taxes do not go up on middle class americans. presumably that would be a package that continues the bush tax
needed escape. anna kooiman is live on staten island with the latest. >> hello to everybody. camp tlc, or together living with a challenge, is trying to let kids just be kids, even though their lives have been turned-up side down. they've just wrapped up their third week. they do it every saturday. today was carnival day. they're actually calling this special camp, camp sandy. a bus driver picked up about 30 kids and many of their parents from a shelter and brought them to the church, gateway academy. kids from ages four to 16 shared their stories, do sing alongs, arts and crafts, zumba. they can take nonper arabables from this distribution center. it's a traveling camp that served about 500 kids in the last two years. the founder says this camp in particular is tough. >> when we leave, it's definitely hard because we're going back to our bed and tv and couch. and as you can see, this is a production. like physically and emotionally. this is probably one of the hardest camps i've ever done, just hearing their stories and being able to maneuver through a disaster and all the organizati
homicides. >> harris: wow, dangerous place right now. anna kooiman, you just mentioned this. we are going to have more on the subway story. thank you very much. a tough scene in the new york city subway after someone pushed a man in front of an oncoming train. this the is second time we have seen this thing in a month. police released video of the suspect running from the station just after it happened. officials tell us the victim was 46 years old from india and a worker for a printing business. it is unclear whether he knew his attacker. but witnesses say she has been following him and was mumbling to herself just before the fatal push. as you may know, we have reported another man died earlier this month after police say the man you see here pushed him on to the train tracks inside times square subway station. the suspect claims the victim was the aggressor in that. well, it is official. russia has banned american families from adopting russian children. we knew it was coming and apparently it is is in retaliation. the russian government is angry because the u.s. is drawing attention t
is recovering after he was allegedly attacked by an 18-year-old last weekend. fox's anna kooiman is here with the latest. this is peculiar. what more do we know about this? >> reporter: dakota meyer recently spoke with our rick leventhal. he said he was hit over the head with a bottle and kicked and beaten on the ground by a group of up to 10 or more people. he woke up hospital with three staples in his head. meyer says this. he gave us a statement. he said the circumstances are unfortunate and doesn't go beyond that the altercation broke out at an event facility in columbia, kentucky, called, the red barn. we're waiting to find out from police specifics on sunday's at kerrtation. authorities say the severity of charge against alleged teenage attacker suggests that dakota meyer was see rememberly injured. he was hurt bad enough to be treated and released at a local hospital. the 18-year-old is charged with second degree assault following the fight that happened in the early hours on sunday. dakota meyer is the recipient of the med tall of honor which he received last year for his role in
brother adam the gunman briefly cuffed. anna kooiman joins us now from hoboken, new jersey. anna, what do we no know about the lanza family. >> we can tell you quite a bit of information, brian, good morning to you and good morning to everybody at home. we are standing in front of the building that is apparently the home of the shooter's brother 24-year-old ryan lanza, he lived here with two other people. we were here yesterday and last night and watched as cops rolled up the tape that had been incircling the building about 10:00 last night. yes it may be quiet now but a completely different scene yesterday. all sorts of confusion and chaos and some of that stemming from reports that there was someone murdered inside this apartment building and it was even possibly the father of the brothers peter lanza. we do have a reliable source and the fbi telling us no, that is not the case and that the father was questioned by fbi agents last night. that source also telling us that ryan yesterday afternoon did not know about everything coming here, seeing his apartment incircled by police. he was t
as well. some areas are getting slammed all night long. anna kooiman personally knows that. she is live in clarks summit, pennsylvania. anna? >> reporter: yeah. good day to you, jon and to everybody at home. last night we actually got caught in the brunt of it as well. the road conditions deteriorated so quickly, we had to stop here rather than traveling a little further northeast. in some parts of the northeast, a foot to even two feet of snow is going to be piled up when all said and done. here it is, i would say, it's reading closer to six but i would say it is a little bit less in some places. we stopped ironically at a church here in clark's summit called our lady of snows church. last year the northeast didn't get a whole heck of a lot of snow but this year, even sweet baby jesus in the nativity scene is getting to enjoy the white fluffy stuff. the town here of clarks summit, i talked to the borough president, she said last year the lack of snow really helped their bottom line, jon, because they had a surplus in their budget. they have even been able to stockpile some of the salt
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)